Abstract submission and Challenge the Expert Cases

Abstract submission and challenge the expert submissions are now closed.

Key topics include:

  • Bone development and growth
  • Bone assessment
  • Bone fragility and metabolism
  • Bone diagnostics
  • Epidemiology
  • Bone health in chronic and rare diseases
  • Novel drug targets and medical therapies
  • Nutrition and rickets
  • Physical activity and muscle-bone relationships
  • Advances in orthopaedic surgery
  • Genetics and metabolomics of bone signalling and structure

Whether as an oral communication or a poster, presenting your work at an ICCBH meeting provides you with an opportunity to:

  • Showcase your current work
  • Get support and feedback from others 
  • Raise your profile among colleagues internationally and from multiple disciplines
  • Widen your network to open up new opportunities for future collaborations

No fees are charged for abstract submission.

A link to the online programme and abstracts will be sent to delegates a few days before the conference.

Abstracts will be published in JBMRPlus. 

Challenge the Expert:
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The Challenge the Expert Session is designed to bring forward challenging cases in the diagnosis and management of children with bone disorders.  The cases should be ones that bring to light key “diagnostic clues” and/or points of “management equipoise” that allow the expert to discuss the nuances of patient care that are not easily gleaned from published articles and textbooks.   
ICCBH Attendees are invited to submit cases that have been prepared as powerpoint slides with the following format as a guide: 
  • History of presenting illness
  • Relevant medication, past, family and social histories
  • Positive issues identified on review of systems
  • Investigations (as visual as possible, ideally tables with abnormal labs highlighted in red and arrows for directionality, and relevant images [DXA/MRI/CT/bone scans/ultrasounds etc)]*
  • Differential diagnosis
  • Diagnosis
  • Management 
  • Discussion points 
*The quality of the graphics and images, along with the extent to which a given case will generate discussion, will be used to adjudicate the suitability of cases for this session.  
For a given submitted case, the diagnosis and management may not yet be worked out; in other cases, the diagnosis and management may have taken place, but there may be points of equipoise or uncertainty about the current or future management that will generate discussion. 
The case can be one that has been accepted to the main meeting as a poster presentation. For any new cases submitted that are not poster presentations, any cases that are NOT selected for the Challenge the Expert Session can be presented as poster presentations if the candidate chooses.  
The Expert has 30 minutes to discuss the case, during which time he/she may invite colleagues to also contribute to a certain aspect of the case (eg physiotherapist, geneticist, radiologist). The individual who has submitted the case will also need to be present at the meeting to make comments upon invitation by the Expert. The Expert is asked to discuss the case in a way that is engaging and interactive, including interaction with the case submitter. Two different Experts will discuss two different cases.
Challenge the Expert case submission is now closed.  Author notifications will be sent following review by the organisers.  In case you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Janet Crompton at iccbh@ectsoc.org.
Leanne Ward & Craig Munns
Challenge the Expert Chairs