Grants and Awards

A number of awards are offered to eligible authors, including:

  • New Investigator Awards
  • Best Poster
  • Best Oral Poster
  • Best Oral

To be eligible an author must be:

  1. First and presenting author
  2. Must be in training or within 3 years of attaining PhD or MD or equivalent and/or aged under 35

New Investigator Awards are offered according to mean score achieved during the blind reviewing process.

In addition, a number of awards were made during the Conference, for

  • Best Poster
  • Best Oral Poster
  • Best Oral

Congratulations to the following award winners!

New Investigator Awards

  • Pawel Abramowicz (Bialystok, Poland), P40
  • Justine Bacchetta (Bron, France), OP12
  • Rajbir Batra (Oxford, UK), OC5
  • Andrew Biggin (Sydney, Australia), OP13
  • Alison Boyce (Washington DC, USA), OC21
  • Andrea Brum (Rotterdam, Netherlands), OC11
  • Lauren Burt (Calgary, Canada), OP11
  • Moira Cheung (London, UK), OP1
  • Andrea Del Fattore (Rome, Italy), OC8
  • Sarah Foster (Sheffield, UK), OC22
  • Saber Ghadakzadeh (Toronto, Canada), OC25
  • Monica Grover (Houston, USA), OP15
  • Holger Henneicke (Sydney, Australia), P108
  • Heike Hoyer-Kuhn (Cologne, Germany), OC19
  • John Kemp (Bristol, UK), OC10
  • Mikhail Kostik (St Petersburg, Russia), P143
  • Carolina Medina-Gomez (Rotterdam, Netherlands), OC7
  • Rebecca Moon (Southampton, UK), OP6
  • Rikke Petersen (Copenhagen, Denmark), P111
  • Simon Schoenbuchner (Cambridge, UK), OC16
  • Rachana Srivastava (Houston, USA), OC24
  • Mariël Lizet te Winkel (Rotterdam, Netherlands), OC28
  • Kebashni Thandrayen (Johannesburg, South Africa), OC2
  • Sara Vandewalle (Ghent, Belgium), P96
  • Amanda Whitaker (San Francisco, USA), P154
  • Wing Sze Yu (Hong Kong, China), OP8

On-site Awards

Best Oral Communication
Valérie Trichet (Nantes, France), OC12
María Loreto Reyes (Santiago, Chile), OC13

Best Oral Poster
Giacomina Brunetti (Bari, Italy), OP2

Best Poster
Anuradha Khadilkar (Pune, India), P56
Jess Morhayim (Rotterdam, The Netherlands), P120


We are extremely grateful to the following organisations for their support in providing these awards.